Founded in 1996 as Joanie & Tchotchkes, then re-branded in April of 2019 as CoPilot Cat Promotional Sourcing.

CoPilot Cat is a full-service promotional sourcing firm specializing in the Wine, Craft Beer, Spirits, Coffee, Cider, Craft Soda and “all things liquid made with love” production industries.

With over 30,000,000 items from over a million suppliers, we are uniquely qualified to enable our clients to massacre their branding challenges by delivering laser-targeted, response boosting bespoke items that help build brand and establish customer relationships, in a timely manner, at the supplier's lowest available price.

Although we do cater to specific verticals, our product offerings are in no way limited. We therefore can serve any business or organization's needs for promotional products, safety / recognition / incentive programs, printing / signage, wearables, gifts or any product or service. If you have seen it or heard of it…we can find it and save you money!